Advanced Optronic Devices International is a leader in manufacturing LED Lights. We specialise in outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications.


Advanced Optronic Devices International is led by a seasoned team of technology and finance veterans, including investors and advisors who work tirelessly to advance lighting technology and bring a better lightning solution to AODs clients. 

Our engaging and dynamic team drives Advanced Optronic Devices International forward. We strive to excel in bringing a better lighting solution to our clients along with the
best customer service.


AODI sells lights to partners so they can provide installs and maintains the lighting infrastructure for industrial and commercial companies. AOD work with its partners to support each stage of the lighting process from initial audit, to proposals, to installation, and service and maintenance.

As a lighting manufacturer with a worldwide presence, AOD helps the end user meet all lighting needs from sourcing, financing, and even help with service and maintenance.